About me

Corinne Cavenaghi in Snapshots

Massage & Touch & Feeling – My childhood & Grandma
As a kid, I would already entertain myself with massage.
I would massage the shoulders of my grandma’s friends, while they were sitting and chatting away.

Ayurveda – My fascination for Ayurveda comes from my traveling times.
I’ve run into a Tamil (South India) Ayurveda practitioner raising funds for an orphanage while traveling in Asia.
By feeling my pulse, he was able to tell me so much about my person and my condition. He didn’t need to speak to me and he could just feel it. How great is that!

Traditional Chinese Medicine – Some new inspirations!
Unexpected people and  meaningful events are always around the corner. And in the end I’ve also met Traditional Chinese Medicine
And I’ve taken the chance to dive deep into this ancient tradition too.

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