Since 2012 I’m based in Berlin and I’m happy to work with people on creating more room for self perception and for feeling better.

I’ve always been curious about the nature of human existence and the stories of people around me.

Curiosity was my propelling energy to explore the amazingly complex microcosmo that we are. This lead me to travel and explore and finally into deep studies within the healing arts.

My path of learning started when I discovered the benefits of a thorough Yoga practice which I picked up at a young age to center myself during my travels and connect to others in loving ways.

Throughout several trips to India and especially when training to be a Yoga teacher I was exposed to the precious knowledge from the ancient medical system of Ayurveda.
This opened up a whole different way of perceiving the human body as an energetic landscape.

Fascinated by the eastern approach to health which takes into account the integral art of connecting mind, body and soul I finally decided to add the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine to my experience.
At „Shou Zhong“ School in Berlin Schöneberg I gained knowledge and experience in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Massage which I now use as a therapist.

And I become a certified Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapist.

Treatment also in English, Italiano, Español

More About my Education